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A bit more about our organisation.


Love is life, life is love and through love faith and belief in ourselves and by attuning and working in alignment with the universal vibrations and energies everything is achievable. We as a people have a natural innate ability to connect with all, not just whats on this earthly plane but all that is in the beyond too, the universal energy and bodies, Astral beings, and more than we could ever possibly fathom, or conceive of within this existence. We are here to learn life lessons, to serve and help others, what we do, and how we conduct ourselves within this lifetime has a knock on effect into how and what we evolve into on the next stage of our journey. Help those who are lost, struggling, or maybe just seeking a little guidance to help them along there way. Always work in love, because to work in love is to work in the light.


We should go wherever we feel we are guided, and go wherever we are needed. Look to nature for guidance, inspiration and understanding, as well as for inner and outer spiritual sustenance. This is the way of our ancestors and a good way to connect with the earth spirit/mother/gaia. All the answers are within us, everything we need to survive as a people, and a race whilst journeying through this earthly plane and in the hereafter is provided and it’s within us all to make the choice. We are responsible for ourselves and how we choose to live our life, if you want to play the blame game then perhaps you should look at yourself first before putting the blame at someone else’s door, the choice and decision is ultimately made by you and you only.


We as a race have journeyed so far from what we are as energy beings, WE ARE AMAZING! But we seem to forget that so quickly these days, we are put under a spell/guise by the government and the media, into thinking we need them. There is a cure and a treatment for every disease and virus that exists, food, drink and all that we need is already here and has been before we was even sent here, all this was foreseen many light years before now, the universe, guides, spirit, and god energy foreseen everything what is happening now, we are a slave to the system they make us believe we have no food, they make us believe that there’s diseases and viruses that are incurable it’s all just nonsense, it’s a line that has been fed to us time and time again throughout the ages it’s me and you that’s the true power, and it’s us that lubricates the wheels of creation, fate and destiny, we can either be a slave or a co-creator aligned with the universe and all that it provides. We as energy beings have the capabilities of communicating with all forms of life, we are an instrument of communication who does not need external instruments like phones to communicate we are naturally attuned to pick up messages and vibrations from other forms of life including humans, plants and otherworldly we was made this way in order to survive on this journey we call life.


Our aim is to bring about the unification of all into the alignment of one, Physical, Spiritual and Mental, or Mind, Body and Spirit there is no right or wrong way only one way. We are  all on the same journey just  taking different paths or routes to the same place. We are Light Workers who help those seeking guidance, help & assistance, we do this through various means at our disposal as long as its within the confines of Universal law. The love we have is given outwards to the earth and all its inhabitants, including all life existing or co-existing alongside with mankind. We move wherever we are guided and inspired to from the Divine, we also look to nature for our answers and guidance. We know through experience, insight and spiritual guidance that in order to become one with yourself, spirit, and the universe, first you need to re-connect with that which has been lost “Your True Self” that which resides deep within us all, and has done since the dawn of time.


Our ancestors use to connect with Ancient Spirits, the Earth and the Divine by being apart of the natural order and as the seasons changed so did we, instead of removing ourselves from nature which is what is done now, we use to integrate, evolve, change as well as  feel the shifts and experience them, so it’s important we connect with our roots and get right back to the basics and celebrate the change of the seasons through rituals and celebrations this helps us to connect with our source and stay grounded on the earth. We as an organisation and myself as a Practicing Holistic Druid take part in the four seasonal celebrations: December 21 “Winter Solstice”  March 21 “Spring Equinox”  July 21 “Summer Solstice” August 21 “Autumn Equinox. We also do lots of meditations, guided and freestyle as well as channel various Elemental energies, work with the Moon Phases, Dates, Times, Numerology, The Sun, Planets, The Universal Energy,  Magick, Spells, Divination, Herbal Lore, Various  Healing Techniques, Crystals and more to achieve happiness and love for all of those who come to us and are in need of insight, guidance, help and clarity.

To us each star represents an entry & exit point of another realm/plane/portal/dimension, and each star, planet and realm has its Spiritual Guardian, and the Sun and the Moon are the ever watchful eyes of the Divine over the Earth and its inhabitants through which various forces are controlled. The Divine radiates unlimited love, peace and eternal happiness to us all we just need to accept it “Remember when it rains, it don’t just rain on the Righteous or the good but also on the Wicked and bad too, we are all Gods children”. We as Guardians respect all walks of life, we are all created equals no one, or thing, is better than another we are all part of the Divine plan and created for a purpose, no matter what shape or form we come in, from a stone to a plant, a plant to a flower, a flower to a tree, an insect to an animal and animal to human we all have self worth.


With understanding you gain wisdom, and with wisdom comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes power, but with poweralso comes responsibility.


We give all our thanks and love to the Divine for giving us the gift of life and the breath to wake up everyday, for keeping us from harm and for looking after our family, loved ones and friends. We thank God the life force within all life for everything we have, we must always remember that our purpose is to serve others and not ourselves, and in this we send our love for the Universe and all that’s within it physical and spiritual  outwards to others in the hope that they too may realize that they like all can also bask in its glory and beauty. We are children of nature and the Divine in this we realize that no matter what obstacles, trials and tribulations we come up against we face them head on and deal with them in a Godly and Divine manner and all that we do is in love.

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Had a reading this evening, Alan was amazingly accurate and delivered the information in a professional manner. I Will definitely, be having further readings..


Fabulous reading again will recommend to anyone. Thank you so much for coming out to me and my friends will definitely come back to you. So genuine with a lovely persona Ceri


I had a reading with Alan today and all I can say is he is wonderfully talented. I needed some guidance and he has been able to steer me in the right direction. A lovely gentleman also and very kind. Would highly recommend. Thanks again x

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